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VISIA Skin Alanlysis UV-Comparison

What Is a VISIA Skin Analysis?

VISIA Skin Analysis is the perfect way to get an objective computerized assessment of your skin health and learn about options to improve it. VISIA uses advanced imaging technology to provide detailed information about your skin, including wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, redness and porphyrins. VISIA Skin Analysis can help you identify areas of concern and track your progress over time. The analysis takes just a few minutes and is interpreted by a trained expert. Much like having your photo taken, it is non-invasive, safe and completely painless!

What if you could:

  • Evaluate the overall health of your skin, including areas of discoloration, sun damage and inflammation
  • Detect early signs of skin damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texture
  • Track the progress of your treatments and skincare regimen
  • Find the right products and treatments for your skin’s needs

You can do this and more with a VISIA Skin Analysis at Orlando Skin Solutions of Winter Park!

VISIA uses advanced imaging technology to capture images of your face with multiple forms of light. These images are then analyzed to provide detailed information about your skin. Read on to learn more about the VISIA and how it can help you achieve your skincare goals!

Measure Surface and Subsurface Skin Conditions
A VISIA facial skin analysis uses the latest in digital imaging technology to evaluate the appearance of skin and provide on-screen reports on both surface and deeper level skin conditions. The advanced imaging features, including cross-polarized and ultraviolet light, provide insights that can help your aesthetics expert create a customized treatment plan based on your personalized skin analysis. This advanced technology also allows you to compare your skin’s condition to that of thousands of others of the same age and skin type.

Measure and Treat Signs of Aging
A VISIA Skin Analysis is a medical-grade evaluation of your skin that uses RBX technology to detect the unique color signatures of Red and Brown skin components to evaluate each aspect independently.1 The red areas are a result of damage to your skin’s underlying tissues. The results of the evaluation can highlight the damage that the human eye cannot detect. Using a three-dimensional image of the face, the VISIA can detect both obvious and hidden signs of aging like spider veins and hyperpigmentation, as well as the presence of skin discoloration and inflammation.

Measure and Treat Sun Damage
The VISIA Skin Analysis measures the degree of sun damage deep within your skin. The device measures the number of UV spots on your skin, which represent the cumulative damage you’ve experienced from the sun. If you have a low UV spot number, it’s likely you’ve had less UV exposure in your life or have been diligent with your sunscreen. The higher the UV spot number, the more damaged your skin is. The good news is that our med spa Winter Park has products and treatment options that can reverse these signs of sun damage and aging skin.

Measure and Treat Pores
VISIA Skin Analysis is a facial diagnostic test that measures pores. Pores are openings for the ducts that carry oil up from the skin and can become clogged. When pores become clogged, acne and blackheads can develop. Orlando Skin Solution’s VISIA measures the size of your pores to know if this is an area of concern that we can recommend skin care and treatments to reduce pore size.

Measure and Treat Porphyrins
The VISIA Skin Analysis determines the skin’s levels of the bacterial component known as porphyrins. Porphyrins are an indication of clogged pores and the potential for acne to develop. These substances can also contribute to the appearance of other skin conditions. The VISIA can tell you if you’re experiencing these problems and if it would be best to schedule treatments to reduce your porphyrin count.

Measure and Treat UV Spots
The VISIA Skin Analysis takes pictures of your facial skin using cross-polarized, UV and IntelliFlash® lighting. The device measures the appearance and health of your skin at the surface as well as the deeper levels. VISIA’s unique technology measures multiple forms of skin damage in comparison to your skin type and age, so you know what to focus on if you want your skin to appear healthy and youthful.

VISIA Skin Analysis at Orlando Skin Solutions in Winter Park, Florida
If you are looking for a comprehensive skin analysis that can help you understand and improve the health and appearance of your skin, VISIA Skin Analysis is an excellent option! Whether you are experiencing signs of aging or trying to prevent it, VISIA has the information we need to make an informed treatment plan and measure the changes in your skin over time.

Schedule a VISIA Skin Analysis today at Orlando Skin Solution in Winter Park, Florida to get started on your journey to better skin!