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Tone and Strengthen Muscles Fast with Lutronic® Accufit™ (No Gym Required!)

Our lives are busier than ever. With so little free time for friends, family and having fun, many of us
simply can’t spend as much time in the gym as we’d like. What if we told you that you could get the
results of 30 workouts in one 30-minute session?

Orlando Skin Solutions is excited to offer Lutronic® Accufit™ for strengthening and toning targeted
muscles. Accufit™ is an FDA-cleared, pain-free muscle toning device that enables you to achieve
stronger, more defined muscles without any downtime. Accufit™ delivers customized, controlled energy
to specific muscle groups, triggering muscle engagement using the same muscle movements we use
when working out in the gym.

Who would benefit from Accufit?

  • Those with limited time to go to the gym to achieve your fitness goals
  • Fitness competitors looking for extra definition right before an event
  • Those who have experienced an injury or surgery and want to regain mobility
  • Those with poor core strength, leading to low back pain
  • Women who want to strengthen their abdomen post-pregnancy

With Accufit™, we can target muscles in the arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks and back of men and
women to improve muscle tone and appearance. As an added benefit, increased muscle mass results in
an increase in the calories your body burns through daily activities, also known as your basal metabolic
rate. This means you will burn more calories every day without any extra effort! If you have areas of
unwanted body fat, Accufit™ pairs perfectly with TruSculpt© iD treatments for targeted fat reduction.

What should I expect?

  • A series of 4 treatments, 3 to 7 days apart to jumpstart results
  • No downtime or discomfort
  • Continue to build muscle with treatment once per month
  • Maintain results with treatment once per quarter

What sets Accufit™ apart from other muscle sculpting devices?

  • Accufit™ has 3X the power of other systems, enabling faster and more effective treatments
  • IntelliCycle™ Technology provides custom workouts for each targeted muscle group
  • Accufit™ can treat more than one muscle group in the same session
  • The intensity can be customized at each session based on your treatment goals

Ready to get started? Schedule your Lutronic© Accufit™ muscle sculpting treatment today!