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Lutronic Accufit Winter Park

Revolutionary Body Sculpting Technology to Quickly Tone and Strengthen Your Muscles

Can’t find enough time for the gym? Looking to add that extra “edge” to your game or definition to your muscles? Scrambling to fit in an at-home workout into your already overwhelming schedule?

We have the perfect solution for you! Our highly trained experts now offer the ease and convenience of the FDA-cleared Lutronic Accufit Winter Park procedure. In fact, Orlando Skin Solutions is the ONLY facility in the Winter Park area to provide this leading-edge body sculpting treatment!

With a Clinical Trainer for Lutronic on staff, the Orlando Skin Solutions team always has the most up-to-date and comprehensive training on Lutronic devices. This means that each of our team members who perform the Accufit procedure has received extensive education and training on effective handpiece placement to optimize results. They also achieve certification following their comprehensive Accufit training.


Discover the Benefits of Accufit Winter Park

Accufit Winter Park provides three times the power and more customized treatment areas than any alternative muscle-toning device. The only system that replicates the muscle stimulation of real-life workouts, Accufit Winter Park delivers superior comfort and results to achieve your personal body and fitness goals without soreness or downtime.

Accufit Winter Park works by delivering customized, controlled energy to specific muscle groups. This triggers muscle engagement using the same muscle movements you use when working out in the gym. Benefits of this groundbreaking aesthetic technology include:

  • 3X Power of Other Body-Sculpting Devices
  • Faster, More Effective and Comfortable Treatments
  • Simultaneously Treats Multiple Muscles
  • Customized Treatment to Help You Achieve Your Personal Goals
  • Takes Only 30 Minutes Per Session


No Downtime




3 to 7 Days Apart

* Varies by individual


Discover the Benefits of Accufit Winter Park

Accufit Winter Park uses direct muscle activation with real-time monitoring to build, shape and define your muscles. Sessions take place in the comfort of our luxury med spa in Winter Park. You can expect a series of four initial treatments scheduled 3 to 7 days apart to jumpstart your results with no discomfort, soreness or downtime.

You can continue to build muscle by scheduling Accufit treatments once per month and maintain your results with treatments once per quarter.

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Whether your goal is to bulk up, define or increase your metabolism to naturally burn more calories, Accufit Winter Park is the ideal body sculpting treatment for you!

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