TruSculpt uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the target zone, firming and contouring problem areas such as the stomach, double chin, love handles, back fat, and thighs. A "large" area includes 9 spots (approx. 2.5" x 2.5" each), a "medium" area includes 6 spots, and a "small" area includes 3 spot

While a strict diet and a regular fitness routine can help dramatically reshape your body, there always seem to be problem areas on the body that no diet or exercise regimen can resolve. truSculpt is the latest procedure developed for those that live a healthy lifestyle but just can’t rid themselves of those stubborn areas, including cellulite.

Visible results have been reported at one month following the first treatment, with best results seen a few weeks following the last treatment.

truSculpt has been clinically proven to target problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. truSculpt is an energy-based procedure that delivers controlled, yet comfortable, doses of therapeutic radio frequency heat to the deep subcutaneous tissue layer in the patient’s target area. While results vary by patient, results have been seen as early as 4 weeks, with optimal results typically achieved at 12 weeks.

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