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Cancer Care Program: Advanced, Specially Formulated Cancer Care Skin Treatment

A frequently overlooked aspect of undergoing cancer treatment therapies is the effect they can cause on your skin. That’s why Orlando Skin Solutions is trained and certified to provide you with an effective skincare regimen as an important part of maintaining your quality of life during your cancer treatment and recovery process.

Specialty Skincare Treatments for Cancer Patients

In collaboration with iS CLINICAL® Skincare, our team of medical and skincare professionals is Cancer Care Certified to provide services and products that are safe and effective for men and women undergoing cancer treatment.

Our Harmony Facial is designed for ultra-sensitive skin and offers a gentle soothing facial designed to restore balance and harmony to your delicate skin. Rejuvenating antioxidants, essential vitamins and penetrating hydration improve tone, clarity and resilience. Harmony Facial treatment provides a healthy glow to even the most sensitive skin.

Discover Specially Formulated Products to Meet Your Skincare Needs

Orlando Skin Solutions offers the following skincare products, specially formulated by iS Clinical® to address the most common skin problems associated with specific types of cancer treatments.

Dry and Cracked Skin:

  • Cream Cleanser: A smooth, protective cleanser that provides gentle protection even for the most sensitive skin.
  • Body Complex: A soothing body treatment that offers immediate hydration and rejuvenates even the driest and cracked skin.
  • Moisturizing Complex: Ideal for dry skin, this rich moisturizer combats damage and protects the natural barriers of the skin.

Sensitive Skin, Redness & Inflammation:

  • Pro-Heal® Serum Advance+: This powerful serum reduces inflammation and redness and provides soothing relief.

Radiation Dermatitis:

  • Poly-Vitamin® Serum: A rejuvenating serum that soothes and hydrates extremely dry skin with the use of vitamins B3 and B5.

Radiation Burns and Scar Tissue:

  • Hydra-Cool® Serum: Powerfully formulated to revitalize, soothe and hydrate your skin.
  • Extreme Protect SPF 30: Offers effective UVA/UVB protection and repairs skin damage caused by free radicals.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming time in your life. When you are ready, we are here to help you regain your comfort and confidence with a bit of pampering and healthy, balanced skin.


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