Can IPL Photorejuvenation Reduce Sun Spots and Fine Lines?

You roll out of bed to start your day and make your way to the bathroom mirror. Then you see them – sun spots and fine lines staring back at you. All those times you should have worn sunscreen and didn’t have finally left their mark. Maybe you were caught unprepared to be in the sun a few too many times, maybe you’re experiencing some slight rosacea, or maybe even unwelcome lines around your eyes and mouth. Whatever the case may be, there is a tried and true treatment that may provide the help you are looking for.


IPL Photorejuvenation (also called a “photofacial”) is an Intense Pulsed Light treatment used to reduce the appearance of imperfections such as rosacea, fine lines, sun damage, and enlarged pores. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime. You can expect to see results almost immediately, with optimal effects typically achieved after three treatment sessions.




In the IPL photofacial session, penetrating light reaches deep into the skin, eliminating tiny unwanted veins (“broken blood vessels”) and stimulating youthful collagen within your skin. The dark spots are drawn toward the surface of your skin, which will cause the spots to darken and flake off over the course of about a week. This reveals a newer, healthier, and brighter complexion.


Considering things must often get worse before they get better, patients may experience some mild swelling or redness in the treatment area immediately after the IPL session. This only lasts for a few hours to a couple of days, in general.


ipl chest


IPL photorejuvenation isn’t for everyone. However, those with some stubborn conditions such as sun damage or rosacea have had noticeable improvement with the help of IPL photofacial treatments. Although it isn’t a permanent cure and new spots may pop up in the future, many patients report long-term benefits from the treatment.


Don’t let the look of fine lines and other imperfections get you down. Feel confident once again with the help of an IPL Photorejuvenation treatment!

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