Harmony Facial

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant appearance requires great treatment of the skin. From a young age, we have recognized the multiple steps it takes to accomplish this goal, but for those with ultra-sensitive skin, it is often even more difficult. Every product used requires a rigorous and often frustrating trial process before the results are evident. Finding products gentle enough for our sensitive skin that still provide the benefits needed is a little easier with the Harmony Facial.

The Harmony Facial is an ultra-gentle and soothing facial designed to restore balance to extremely sensitive skin. Our combination of rejuvenating antioxidants, essential vitamins, and penetrating hydration improves the skin’s tone, clarity, and resilience. Even the most delicate skin will glow after this treatment.

If you have been looking for an ultra-gentle facial treatment for your ultra-sensitive skin, Orlando Skin Solutions’ Harmony Facial is what you have been waiting for. Let us return your skin’s radiance, book your appointment now.

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