Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation procedure. It is done with the use of a surgical blade and very carefully removes (shaves) the skin’s surface. The very top layer of dead skin along with the layer of fine hair is gently removed. This procedure is safe to do monthly by a highly trained professional. It takes less than 30 minutes. This procedure is performed by medical estheticians.

This type of exfoliation triggers cell regeneration, allowing skin care products to penetrate the skin in a more efficient manner. Dermaplaning is used to remove excess facial hair as well.  Myth buster:  That very fine hair on the face known as “vellus hairs” will not grow back thicker or darker.  However, dermaplaning is not recommended for removing very dark, coarse hair from the face.

Dermaplaning is great for people with dry or rough skin textures. Dermaplaning is also great for the treatment of aging, mature skin that tends to develop a buildup of dead skin cells. Cellular turnover also slows down with age. Dermaplaning does what a skin “scrubbing” can’t do.  Scrubbing can damage delicate facial skin.  Dermaplaning brightens your skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed.

Dermaplaning uses a technique that requires a very delicate touch. Facial skin calls for a skilled hand for successful resurfacing of the skin. When completed, there is no downtime.  A freshly treated face will “glow” with radiance.

You will see and feel dramatic results instantly in the texture and tone of your skin This treatment improves cell turnover, wrinkles, and dark spots. Facial “peach fuzz” will be gone and fine lines will be less noticeable.

Removal of the fine facial hair is a plus because debris and excess oils become trapped on the hairs and make your skin look dull.  Once dermaplaning is completed, you will find that your skin care products work much more effectively. They are able to penetrate the skin as intended and your makeup will go on smoother.

If you think you may benefit from dermaplaning, please schedule a complimentary consultation so we can evaluate your skin and discuss possible treatment options.

*Results may vary

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