Chemical Peels: Shed Your Summer Sun Damage

As we transition into cooler weather, fall and winter are the perfect time to do some serious repair work on your skin that has been exposed to the intense summer sun. Exfoliation is one of the key components for skin rejuvenation. Chemical peels are always a client favorite for exfoliation! Our safe and effective peel options aid in removing dead skin cells and stimulate skin cell turnover. Chemical peels come in a wide variety of formulations depending on the intensity and target we are going for. At Orlando Skin Solutions, we offer many different types of peels for all skin types (even sensitive skin!) so we can meet your specific treatment needs. From wrinkles to acne, acne scars, redness, and brown spots, we have a chemical peel that is right for you!


What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are made up of either a single acid or a combination of acids, based on what the peel is targeting and its intensity. The acids are naturally derived, such as from sugar cane (glycolic acid), milk (lactic acid), and almonds (mandelic acid). When applied, the peel has a therapeutic benefit on the skin and causes newer, healthier cells to come to the surface. In some cases, this causes the top layer of dead skin cells to shed. There may only be mild flaking or even no peeling at all and this does not necessarily reflect much of an effect the acids are having on your skin. Choosing the right peel for your skin depends on a lot of factors, and will be discussed with your medical esthetician prior to treatment.

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Is there downtime?

Every peel is different and customized to each person's concerns and skin type. The downtime you can expect to experience will depend on how intense the peel is that you receive. With superficial peels, you may experience mild flushing and tingling during treatment and look totally normal by the next day. With a deeper peel, you may leave your appointment moderately flush or with a yellow/orange tint to your skin if we use any leave-on products. This type of treatment may result in peeling for up to 10 days after your treatment. We can give you an educated prediction of how much peeling to expect after your chemical peel, but everyone's skin can react differently.

How much or little you peel has more to do with your individual skin than how well the peel is working. Remember, the peel works on the skin cell level, not the level you can see. The shedding is just a by-product of the process.  If your schedule cannot accommodate any downtime, let us know and we can choose a very mild peel that we repeat many times. If you want to get the most results in the shortest amount of time and can spare some downtime, we can choose a more intense peel that may cause your skin to peel for up to 10 days after your treatment and only have to do it a few times. You tell us what works best for you and we will choose the right chemical peel for you!



When should I notice results?

Everyone’s skin is different and the results from peels vary depending on the type of peel you receive, as well as how much sun damage we are up against. If you receive a more intense peel, you'll likely notice your brown spots are lighter, your fine lines are softer, and your overall texture is improved. A minimum of three peels is recommended for optimal results, even with a more intense peel. A less intense peel will have more subtle results, that will be noticed more slowly over repeated treatments.  We may need to do 6 or more treatments if you are trying to address significant damage with a mild peel. Chemical peels also stimulate collagen growth, which will result in a more youthful appearance of your skin overall.


When is the best time for a peel?

Fall and winter are the best times to receive any of our chemical peels. One reason for this is that many of our peels require you to not get so warm that you sweat for the first 72 hours after your treatment. That's a lot easier when it's not as hot outside. Another reason is that the peeling process reveals a fresh layer of "baby" skin underneath, which is sensitive to the sun and much more likely to burn. The last thing we need is to re-damage your fresh new skin! The last reason is that if you are doing chemical peels on your chest, arms, or other body areas, it's a lot easier to use clothing to hide your peeling. Plus, who wouldn't want to look their best in time for the holiday season??


How do I know what peel to book?

The short answer is... you don't! We have a lot of chemical peels in our toolbox. Sure, you could just pick one that your friend had or that you saw online, but it may not be the best one for YOU! In some cases, we may not do a peel at all at your first visit. Many people need to start with a facial to balance and prepare their skin before they will be able to tolerate or get the most out of a chemical peel. Either way, we are here to make sure you get the most of your treatments.


If you'd like some guidance on what treatment to schedule, give us a call so we can schedule a consultation. If you just want to book our most popular chemical peel for sun damage, click below to schedule online.



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