Wrinkles – Oh No!

Staying out of the sun is one way to protect your skin from aging. But, there are things that cause wrinkles that you probably haven’t thought about. Many wrinkles are associated with loss of collagen in our skin. Collagen keeps skin strong and toned. Without collagen, your skin will start to sag.


Facial expressions, including squinting from the sun, can lead to lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. Folds around the mouth are caused by loss of fat in our cheeks. The way we sleep can cause lines and wrinkles as well.


It has been reported that people who sleep on their sides and on their stomachs create different types of lines. The skin does not fold but elongated lines are created because of the pressure created on the face while sleeping in these positions. The lines occur on the forehead, near the mouth, chin, cheeks and ears. Wrinkles can appear more prominent on one side of your face than the other side. This is troubling because we often can’t help how we sleep. We can try to sleep on our backs with the assistance of pillows at our sides, but sometimes this is not realistic. The good news is that we tend to change positions less as we age, so trying to sleep on your back might help.


Botox is often used for lines caused by the expressions we make. But lines caused by how we sleep need to be treated differently. The collagen needs to be increased. This can be done with microneedling or laser treatments. There are also collagen-boosting skincare products. You may also be a candidate for dermal filler.


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