VISIA Skin Analysis

After months of trial and error to create a skin routine, you have grand expectations for the long-term improvements that you will see in your skin. Sometimes, those results do not live up to our expectations. It might be time to have a full skin analysis done to see what else can be done for your skin. Orlando Skin Solutions uses the VISIA Skin Analysis scan.


VISIA Skin Analysis captures left, right, and frontal facial views, giving us a clear picture of your skin looking for strengths and weaknesses. The VISIA Skin Analysis camera uses advanced imaging and computerized analysis to precisely measure 8 aspects that affect your skin’s health and appearance: discoloration, wrinkles, brown spots, pores, texture, bacteria, redness, and UV damage. We use the results to create a customized treatment plan and accurately track your skin’s changes over time. (NOTE: The $25 fee is waived with any same-day purchase.)


At Orlando Skin Solutions, we understand the frustration you feel when you put in the time and effort to take care of your skin properly and it still does not look the way you want. If a deeper look at your skin with the help of VISIA Skin Analysis sounds like the treatment that will help your skin achieve its true greatness, call us to book your appointment.

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