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Introducing the first at-home pelvic floor toning and vaginal rejuvenation device to help you turn back the aging clock and regain the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.  Avoid the pain, embarrassment, and high cost of laser or surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments by using the vFit Plus device in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


What is the "pelvic floor" and why is it important?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and connective tissue that extends across the base of the pelvis. It provides support for the pelvic organs, the bladder and rectum, and elements of the spine. Childbearing, menopause, and lifestyle factors (smoking, heavy lifting, chronic constipation, and obesity) can cause weakening of the pelvic floor, resulting in a host of pelvic floor disorders and/or sexual dysfunction.


It has been conservatively estimated that one in three women experiences some form of pelvic floor disorder including poor voluntary muscle control, diminished sensation, muscular weakening of the pelvic floor, vaginal laxity, and/or lack of vaginal lubrication. Women who have experienced a vaginal birth or menopause also often complain of urinary incontinence, pain during sex, a loss of vaginal sensation, or decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse.


Take intimate wellness info your own hands

Menopause should not control a woman’s life.

Connecting with a partner is difficult when dryness exists. vFit Plus can help.  In a published clinical study:

  • 90% of women report reduced bladder leakage
  • 95% of women experience improved vaginal tightness
  • 89% of women have increased sexual confidence
  • 91% of women have less vaginal dryness


How does the vFit Plus work?

Each of vFit Plus' modalities—therapeutic LEDs, gentle heat, and sonic vibration—contributes to the strengthening, toning, and tightening of the muscles of the pelvic floor in a specific way:

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) via therapeutic LEDs in the 662nm and 855nm spectrums promotes cellular activity to encourage the cells of muscles, nerves, and connective tissues to increase their functions. This helps with lubrication, collagen and elastin production, nerve healing, and increased voluntary muscle control.

When LLLT stimulates cellular activity, increased oxygen and other nutrients are made available, allowing for muscle repair and strengthening. Voluntary muscle control is exercised by nerve function. vFit Plus enhances the feedback loop in the nerves for maintaining involuntary (baseline) tone to the pelvic floor muscles and provides users better voluntary control over those muscles. The voluntary pelvic floor muscles are a figure eight that surrounds the vaginal, anal, and urethral openings. By strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, vFit Plus can have a positive impact on bladder control.

Heat increases blood flow, which increases oxygen at the tissue and cellular levels. It also increases nutrients to the muscles and promotes the formation of new blood vessels. Additional blood vessels, oxygen, and nutrients provide the muscles more fuel. Ultimately this results in enhanced performance of the muscles. Heat, specific to vFit Plus, increases the performance and strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

Sonic vibration has a positive effect on fibroblasts, participants in the remodeling of the extracellular matrix, resulting in improved muscle strength of the pelvic floor.


vFit Plus Vaginal Rejuvenation Device

Worry-free workouts

New, high-tech solution to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and rejuvenate tissue so you can avoid accidental leakage and embarrassment. vFit Plus utilizes an innovative combination of technologies–therapeutic light, gentle heat, and sonic technology. The result: a stronger, rejuvenated pelvic floor, and greater self-confidence. Used with the proprietary Photonic Gel, vFit Plus results are enhanced even further.


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Girlfriend to girlfriend, let us share this high-tech innovation which solves common pelvic floor issues, including leakage, dryness, and pain.


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