truSculpt iD is the Perfect Alternative to Liposuction


Every year we start off devoted to our diet and exercise goals in the interest of becoming healthier and improving the way we look. After all, diet and exercise are what we are continually told is the key to obtaining the body shape and size that we desire. While a strict diet and a regular fitness routine can help dramatically reshape your body, there always seem to be problem areas that no diet or exercise regimen can resolve. When diet and exercise didn’t meet our goals in the past, people turned to liposuction. Unfortunately, liposuction is an invasive, painful surgical procedure that can take several hours depending on the work that needs to be done and requires weeks of limited activity and discomfort as the body heals after the procedure. Why use an antiquated, time-consuming, painful surgical procedure when truSculpt iD is available?


truSculpt iD is FDA cleared as a fully customizable body contouring treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to firm and contour your body. truSculpt iD uses RF energy to heat and destroy fat cells and offer visible fat reduction with noticeable results in as little as one treatment. During the weeks following treatment, your body continues to work to remove the destroyed fat cells. truSculpt iD can be used to contour larger areas such as the abdomen and flanks as well as smaller areas on all body shapes and types. Unlike other treatments, there is no BMI limit to achieving results with truSculpt iD. Clinicals trials have shown that truSculpt iD reduces fat thickness by up to 24% per treatment with visible results within six to eight weeks and maximum improvement after three months. Two to three treatments spaced 12 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.


Orlando Skin Solutions is proud to offer Cutera truSculpt iD as a noninvasive procedure to reduce fat with no downtime and no surgical risk as an ideal solution for those who won’t or can’t have surgery. Our knowledgeable providers are available to discuss all your body sculpting needs. Contact us for a consultation to determine the best treatment for you.


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