Varicose veins – more specifically, a common type of tiny varicose vein called “spider” veins – are a sign of changes due to genetics, pregnancy, weight gain, minor injuries, hormones, and certain lifestyles. But, are we doomed to carry these unsightly lines forever? For those of us affected by small, dark-colored varicose veins or spider veins, they can be unwelcome, but the good news is they are treatable. There is a treatment which has been shown to minimize and, in many cases, eliminate spider veins permanently: sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment used to shrink or even eliminate those small, dark spider veins with a simple injection. A small amount of treatment solution is injected directly into those tiny veins. The veins then swell slightly, causing them to close off. Once the vein shuts off, the body reroutes the blood through other healthy veins in the same area, and the spider veins are no longer visible. Sclerotherapy even works on small varicose veins – the ones that stick out above your skin.

What results can I expect to see from Sclerotherapy?
Patients usually see improvement as soon as immediately or within a few days after treatment. In a recent study among patients who received sclerotherapy treatments for their simple varicose veins, more than 85% were satisfied with the results.


How long is a treatment session?
Typically, your appointment will last approximately 15 minutes. The length of time may vary based on the number, size, and complexity of veins being treated. Sclerotherapy involves only a tiny pinch sensation from a very small needle, so no numbing is needed.

What does the recovery period look like?
Patients can drive home on their own and walk around normally after treatment. However, we do recommend wearing compression stockings and minimizing physical activity immediately after treatment to optimize your results.


Who should not receive Sclerotherapy?
Any patient with severe blood clot disorders should not receive sclerotherapy. Discuss any medical conditions you may have with your treatment provider before receiving treatment.


Where can I learn more about Sclerotherapy?
If you have additional questions, we recommend you schedule a Consultation with one of our treatment providers for more information.

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