Prenatal Massage

As wonderful as pregnancy is, the process can take a toll on women, both physically and mentally. The changes women experience in pregnancy can cause emotional stress and physical discomfort. Hormones can trigger mood changes while a change in weight often causes soreness and pain in the back, hips, and legs. These factors can make pregnancy that much more stressful and make it difficult to do everyday tasks.


Fortunately, there is a style of massage therapy which is tailored to meet your pregnancy needs, helping to ease tension and make your body’s changes easier to handle. Prenatal massage has become more popular among pregnant women to help with the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy. Here are some common questions regarding this type of therapy:


What should I expect?


During a prenatal massage, changes in typical massage positioning are made to account for your unique physical needs and postural changes. The massage therapist will assist you in determining a safe, appropriate position for the duration of the therapy. We will mostly rely on having you lay on your side or back instead of your stomach. Pillows are used to provide greater comfort and support during the treatment session.


What are the benefits?


During the prenatal massage, your body releases endorphins, which help elevate your mood. Relaxation techniques lower the level of norepinephrine (the stress hormone), so you feel more tranquil. Neck and shoulder stiffness is improved by applying pressure to specific trigger points. Also, this helps combat some of the other side effects of pregnancy, such as tension headaches and migraines. Prenatal massage therapy has also been shown to improve sleep quality.


Will it help my joint pain?


The occurrence of back, hip, and leg pain during pregnancy varies, but many women do experience discomfort. According to a recent study*, this can be explained by the release of the hormone “relaxin,” which causes the ligaments in your joints to relax in preparation for labor. Unfortunately, this process may cause supportive spine ligaments to loosen also, causing soreness and pain as the muscles stretch further than they normally would. Prenatal massage can decrease this pain by relieving tension in the associated muscles.


Prenatal massage is an excellent way to naturally treat many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy experienced in the second and third trimester. Whether you have specific complaints or just need some time for self-care, our expert massage therapist can help you feel relaxed and renewed.


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