Lash Lifting vs. Lash Extensions

Lashes have become a focal point in the beauty industry; from lash extensions, false lash strips, voluminous mascara and now lash lifts – having luscious lashes has become very popular.  The best feeling is waking up and feeling put together, even in the slightest way, but some clients feel that lash extensions are a little high maintenance and don’t want to keep up with how often they should be filled, caring for them, etc. We wanted to find a new treatment we could offer to our clients that wouldn’t take up too much time.


That’s when we stumbled across the treatment called Lash Lifting, also known as Lash Perming. A Lash Lifting treatment is basically an old school perm for your natural lashes. The eye-safe perm solution gives natural lashes a nicely shaped, upward, realistic curl; just like a very, very good mechanical eyelash curler.


The process is super simple and takes about an hour, with the three-step process of lash lifting, we like to go the extra mile and tint the lashes to give it that extra dimension. Here’s the process: Your eyes will be closed throughout the whole treatment with a silicone shield placed on the top lid; your natural lashes are glued to the silicone shield with a gentle adhesive (very similar to false lashes glue). The eye-safe perming solution is applied for 10-12 minutes; upon removal, a neutralizer and conditioner are applied to seal the perm process.   Lash Lifts can last between six to eight weeks, some may need a treatment sooner, for some it may last longer – it all just depends on your lash cycle. Your curled lashes will eventually shed naturally, with a straight lash growing in behind it.


A huge benefit to a Lash Lifting treatment is that you can wear mascara after the first 24 hours! The first 24 hours are crucial post-lash lift treatment. You should avoid getting them wet,  this includes steam and all forms of moisture and humidity – this will ensure that the curls last. While lash extensions can be a bit more demanding and high maintenance, lash lifting allows you to use your regular eye makeup products, still wear your favorite mascara, and not worry about brushing your lashes several times a day. Something to consider before receiving a Lash Lifting treatment is that you can’t change the fullness or length of your natural lashes with a Lash Lifting treatment alone. However, you can always incorporate a lash growing serum like Latisse to help your natural lashes reach new heights. Who’s ready for curled lashes?! Give us a call to schedule your Lash Lifting treatment!




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