Laser Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair is an important part of your appearance. We all want thick, lustrous hair that can be both straight and curly depending on our mood. Sometimes due to illness, injury, or genetics, your hair can start to thin and disappear earlier than you would prefer. This hair loss can lead to a feeling of lower quality of life due to negative body image, low self-esteem, and a loss of self-confidence, making this experience even more stressful.

While there are commonly prescribed medications, Orlando Skin Solutions offers an alternative Laser Hair Restoration Treatment. Laser hair restoration uses a low-level light therapy device to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth. This device uses light diodes to deliver light stimulation to the base of the hair follicles across the entire scalp. This treatment is FDA-cleared in both men and women to regrow hair in two 20-minute sessions per week.

If you are looking to avoid medication or want to try laser hair restoration treatment to supplement your prescribed medications for hair loss, Orlando Skin Solutions offers just the service you are looking for. Let us help you restore your hair to the appearance that you want. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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