Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Moles and skin tags are often nothing to worry about, but they can certainly affect your appearance and therefore your confidence. Additionally, they can become quite a nuisance and uncomfortable if they are in areas where they are irritated by friction or catch on clothing. Luckily, mole and skin tag removals are quick and nearly painless.


skin tags and moles

Skin tags are almost always harmless. They can grow right on your skin's surface or hang from a thin piece of skin. Also called acrochordon, skin tags are usually flesh-colored growths, although some can be darker in color. A skin tag may start to develop without you even noticing. Once formed, they usually grow slowly over time. They can show up almost anywhere on your body, but are most commonly on the crease of your neck, underarms, or  torso. You may have just one or two, or a whole bunch, and they might be in isolated spots or in a group with many skin tags. About 25 percent of people will develop skin tags, and they are common at all ages. Many people have skin tags removed simply because they do not like how they look, but some people also suffer irritation when they rub against other body areas or clothing.


Orlando Skin Solutions offers a variety of treatments to address unwanted moles and skin tags on your face and body. The treatment options may differ depending on the appearance or location of the growth.  Please call us to schedule your Mole or Skin Tag Removal, or you can schedule online using the button below.

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